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Australia 2012

My Cave

This is my little shack. What started out as a short decorating project turned into an 18 month, almost complete redo of the interior of the house. When I bought it, it was in great shape, all the walls were still cheap contractor white and the only decorating had been by a young man to make it into a Broncos / John Elway shrine. I just couldn't live with that besides I was getting real tired of white after so many years of white walls ( the asylum would have been more bearable with colored walls).

I went with a Southwest theme for the main part of the lower level with creamy orange as the major color and terra cotta as an accent. The little breakfast area I did model after an outdoor Italian cafe, which was my first venture into faux painting. The guest bedroom is a two-tone blue with white accent and I went with and oriental theme in my bedroom using wheat and sage as the colors which was also carried into the bathroom.

The office is finally done. I had to get a new desk, the old one just wasn't holding together (too many moves). I went with orange and gray as my colors, they seem to go good with a dragons and socerers theme. I also got the first floor converted to all wood and re-carpeted the upper floor.