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Welcome to my world of dragons and life's adventures. This is my fun site, where I get to tell stories, share adventures and keep in touch with my friends and family (the real world out there). Life is an adventure for me, so I hope you enjoy wondering through it as much as I have.

I have trouble finding the time to work on this site, so I don't get back here very often. Please excuse me if I'm a couple of months (or years) behind in getting my latest adventures up.

I've been playing around with this site, but have decided to stay with my friends, the dragons. Most of it is a straight forward photo presentation, snapsots of life. Some snapshots are sad moments, some are moments where I have to laugh at myself and what life hands me and some just plain there.

I've been adding galleries to my professional photo site, LevinO Photography. These include photos from a trip to Australia and to England. I've started exploring the National Parks, so now I have Yellowstone, plus Arches, Dead Horse Point and others around Moab added as galleries.

I've got a photography page on Facebook for LevinO Photography. I post a few items as to what is going on currently with my photography and samples of galleries that have been created. "Like" it to follow me and keep up.

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